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Formatting and Citations

Once the research, analyzing and writing of the dissertation is done, do not think that the job is over! There is still a very integral part of the dissertation remaining and that is the citation and formatting of the dissertations. Every university has its own set guidelines for citations and the format of the dissertation. The universities generally provide a handbook regarding these instructions. In spite of this, the students are not very sure if they have understood the style correctly. It is also sometimes very difficult to differentiate one referencing style from another, as the difference is very marginal. At times the dissertation committee is not very particular about the particular style or formatting. It is then that creates all the more uncertainty.

The student is not particular about the citation styles used and may end up using two, three or even more styles in that one piece of work. Often the students use formatting templates available electronically, little realizing that these are not completely error-free and require a great deal of customization to format their dissertation properly.

Citations are that part of the dissertation where due credit is given to the actual sources of information. A properly cited write up will never face plagiarism issues. Reference styles employed differ according to the discipline, academic expectations, research aims and preference of the university or instructor. The provides accurate citations according to the specifications of the university or degree. The experts at are absolutely comfortable with all styles of citations be it:









Any Other

Instead of spending sleepless nights over these issues it is advisable to seek the help of document formatting experts, who have the answers to all the policy and procedural questions as they are well versed with the requirements of the various universities and degree programs. provides help with all the formatting and citation requirements and has a pool of talented experts with them. The experts at are familiar with the demands of the particular universities like; does the university stipulate that Findings and Discussions should be two separate chapters or one?, or does the dissertation require an Abstract?, And all such seemingly unnecessary but pithy details. Formatting help is also required for appropriate paginations, chapter numbering, headings and sub-headings, table of contents, Figures and tables, appendices and equations. The format also requires specifications as to the font, its size, spacing, and margins. A well-formatted dissertation is very systematic and organized and looks very appealing. has successfully provided assistance to a lot of students, who are satisfied with the services. Formatting is not an issue with as our experts capable of accommodating and accessing a wide variety of software like:

  • Micro soft Office Word (The most popular software used by students)
  • Open Office Writer
  • Apple Pages
  • Rich Text Format
  • PDF

Buying of services from will entail the students to a:

Free title page.
Free Index.
Free table of contents.
Free appendices.
Free acknowledgment section.
Free bibliography.
Free Revisions

There is one definite guarantee, that with the assistance of You can kill your presentation and leave an undeniable impression on the audience.

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