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Literature Review

A Literature Review surveys select sources, researches, and studies which are relevant to the topic of research. It helps in identifying whether research has already been conducted on a topic and how this study will help in answering a few questions left unanswered and the gaps in the studies.

With a Literature Review, the topic gains new insights and develops important variables relevant to the topic. A well written Literature Review will also aid in identifying the method and research techniques that have been used. A well defined Literature Review will also be able to establish and rationalize the significance of the research or problems. A Literature Review is also helpful in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the methodology. It also justifies the proposed dissertation and can be easily be termed as the ‘backbone’ of the dissertation.

For a satisfactory Literature Review carefully instruct our experts about your requirements regarding:

The number of words/ pages that are needed.

the time limit
The required line spacing whether 1.0, 1.15, 1.5…….
the required format
the citation style?
The minimum number of sources and whether they are specific sources.
If there is any specific time period for the references e.g. only references after 2010, or references between 2005-2015

In this section, the student defines and differentiates between what has been done and what needs to be done. It is here that the writer gets to flaunt his knowledge of the subject and of the earlier works done in the field. This section grants the writers the freedom to incorporate as much information as they deem fit. An efficiently composed Literature Review impresses upon the committee that the student is well versed with the topic and has researched enough. A poorly conceptualized and written Literature Review can surely lead the dissertation to the doldrums. Examiners who come across a poor Literature Review are more scrupulous while going through the other parts of the dissertation like, the methodology, analysis, and conclusions. They subconsciously make a decision that if the Literature Review is not up to the mark, then the rest of the dissertation too will definitely be flawed. Therefore it becomes imperative to present a well furnished Literature Review along with an exemplary dissertation.

Students generally face problems while formulating the Literature Review question. The questions formulated often lack focus and goal. The selection of the question has to be very judicious as there may be other works with the same question and which may have been answered too. The decision regarding the inclusion of articles too is cumbersome as they should ideally be influenced by the focus, goals, and coverage of the reviews. Students often rely on secondary sources rather than on the primary research in reviewing the literature and accepts the findings and interpretations uncritically. The Literature Review is not just a description of other published works, but it is a critical discussion and analysis showing the insight and knowledge of existing studies. It also displays an evaluation of promising research methods without unnecessary duplication.

At such times the students are left with no choice but to seek assistance. Class tutors are too with their jobs and can give minimum guidance and peers too are busy with their own course work. So the only option left is to seek the guidance from a reliable source that won’t let you down and fulfill all your expectations. The only name that crops up, which promises the best in dissertation writing is Any help related to dissertation writing be it for the whole dissertation or just a part of it delivers excellent dissertation help. is the only portal which will assist you in writing a Literature Review which identifies areas of controversies, areas which need further research, raises questions and links the literature to the hypotheses or main question.

Professionals at deliver premium dissertations and dissertation chapters too. A Literature Review ordered from will include:

  • inclusions of only reliable and relevant articles
  • well evaluated and synthesized outcomes.
  • well formulated and justified empirical research question
  • Literature Review written in accordance with the methodology, whether it will be a quantitative review, qualitative review, etc.
  • A clear relation between the findings of the Literature Review and the researcher’s own study with reference to previous studies and literature in general.
  • Appropriate listing of each and every facet of referencing.
  • Adequate references
  • An overview of the subject or theory undertaken for study and research. pledges that the assistance by us will be:








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