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The dissertation defense is unique and unpredictable. No student knows what is going to come his way in the form of questions. Submission of the dissertation is just an important milestone, but to achieve the destination- the degree and a good grade, the students have to undergo the difficult path of presenting the dissertation in front of the dissertation committee. It is definitely not a smooth ride. It’s as though the committee is the shark waiting to tear the student apart, shred by shred, picking out on anything from the dissertation and from anywhere.

Preparing the presentation script.

Determining the presentation style.

Providing with a script interspersed with anecdotes and examples, so that the interest of the audience does not waiver

Providing useful delivery cues regarding the correct tone, volume, body language, attitude, etc.

Providing articulate and organized slides for the PPT presentation.

A list of possible questions that could be asked by the committee or the audience.

Just rattling off the theory of the dissertation will not satisfy the committee, they need an informative as well as a polished presentation. The opinions and expectations of the committee vary greatly. To achieve the desired result and impress the committee, it is imperative to battle this nervousness and show up well prepared. The defense talk has to have a smooth flow and be logical in its approach with the minimum use of technical jargon. A PPT presentation adds to the effectiveness, but care has to be taken to see that the slides and the talks both match each other, point by point and language to language. The transition from one slide to the next has to be smooth, with a proper ending and a proper beginning to the next one. This consistent tempo holds the attention of the audience, and they will not feel lost. This results in a positive feedback and a lasting impression on the committee members.

And this is not unachievable, it is very much possible if the help of the experts at is sought students can achieve all this and much more. It is the thought of the presentation and surviving it that makes the students nervous. The professionals at are well equipped to handle any kind of presentation and have the knack to develop the confidence of the researcher and ensure that they can present a smashing presentation and attain flying colors.

The committee is there to assess the in-depth knowledge and interest that the student has gained in the process of completion of the dissertation. The battle is won if the student can prove to the committee the commitment, knowledge and the ability to compress all this knowledge logically and in an organized manner for the purpose of presentation. And for this achievement, strives painstakingly and provides assistance in: is fully aware of the stress that can be caused by first, writing the dissertation and later its presentation. The academicians are very empathetic, and full understand the impact of all this on the students, so for every student approaching them for assistance they have additional tips:

  • how to keep a check on work/life balance.
  • How to keep a check on physical health and lower stress levels as this equips better handling.
  • Repeated reminders to re-read the dissertation.
  • Reminders to practice the dissertation presentation taking the help of peers or self-recordings.


Buying of services from will entail the students to a:

Free title page.

Free Index.
Free table of contents.
Free appendices.
Free acknowledgment section.
Free bibliography.
Free Revisions

There is one definite guarantee, that with the assistance of You can kill your presentation and leave an undeniable impression on the audience.

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