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Topic Selection

As it is the thought of undertaking a dissertation sends shivers down the spines of the students. They are so muddled and nervous that even the selection of the topic becomes an uphill task. The topic of the dissertation has to be innovative and interesting. At times the students do zero in on a topic of their interest, but on researching, they find too little or too much material for research on the topic selected. Or the fact that the study has been undertaken earlier is uncovered. Sometimes the topic is selected and material identified, but the student discovers that he is not interested in the topic and does not have a valid reason for choosing it or it does not have enough implications.

Selection of the topic is the first step in dissertation writing, and if this step is right, then everything else will fall into place. Confusion at this early stage could shake the confidence of the student very badly and may affect the dissertation further on. What the student needs at this time is a mentor and guide who can show the right direction and build the confidence of the student. Choosing a suitable topic entails a lot of research and the confirmation that it has not been done earlier.

Guidance from the experts in the industry is available at is enabled with professionals who after various interactions with the students identify their interests, needs, and priorities. Keeping the student in mind, they draw a customized list of optional topics for the student to choose from. After the selection of the most viable topic, the academicians prepare a compressed dissertation, stating in brief; the research question, identification of the intended methodology, proposed references, etc.

This systematic approach of presenting the proposal sees to it that the topic is acknowledged by the professor and accepted for the dissertation. has a proven track record of impressing the professors with the students choice of topics for the dissertation. assures that the topic shortlisted by the experts will:

  • Be thoroughly researched for feasibility, time limit, and research material.
  • Be innovative and unique and in accordance with the interest of the student.
  • Be relevant regarding its implications and recommendations.
  • Be beneficial to the students and enhance the career prospects.
  • Not have been done earlier.

Buying of services from will entail the students to a:

Free title page.
Free Index.
Free table of contents.
Free appendices.
Free acknowledgment section.
Free bibliography.
Free Revisions

There is one definite guarantee, that with the assistance of You can kill your presentation and leave an undeniable impression on the audience.

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